Click-To-Call Supported Formats

We support the following formats:

xxx xxx xxxx
xxx-xxx xxxx
xxx xxx-xxxx
xxx xxx.xxxx xxxx
(xxx) xxx xxxx
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

1xxx xxx xxxx
1xxx-xxx xxxx
1xxx xxx-xxxx
1xxx xxx.xxxx xxxx
1(xxx) xxx xxxx
1(xxx) xxx-xxxx

1 xxx xxx xxxx
1 xxx-xxx xxxx
1 xxx xxx-xxxx
1 xxx-xxx-xxxx
1 xxx xxx.xxxx
1 xxxx
1 (xxx) xxx xxxx
1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx

1-xxx xxx xxxx
1-xxx-xxx xxxx
1-xxx xxx-xxxx
1-xxx xxx.xxxx xxxx
1-(xxx) xxx xxxx
1-(xxx) xxx-xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx-xxxx xxx.xxxx xxxx
1.(xxx) xxx xxxx
1.(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Unsupported formats:
Phone numbers as images.

xxx xxxxxxx
(xxx) xxxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxx

Any combination of the above three with a 1, 1. or 1-
In short, we must be able to distinguish three sets of numbers grouped by 3, 3 and 4.

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