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About Voicemail Transcription

OnSIP customers can sign up for PhoneTag Voicemail-2-Text (V2T) service, a third party service, to receive their voicemails in text form directly in their email inbox. This service is offered on a per-user basis (you can't sign your entire PBX up at once). Users will also receive an attached .WAV file, should they choose to listen to the voicemail.

How Does it Work?

OnSIP customers can individually sign up for Phonetag, selecting OnSIP as their service provider. Once a user has signed up, Phonetag will email the user a unique Phonetag email address. With that email address, the customer can modify the OnSIP app settings to send all voicemails to Phonetag. Then, when a voicemail is received, OnSIP will send the voicemail to Phonetag for transcription (via the unique email address). Phonetag will transcribe the voicemail and email the .WAV file and transcription to the customer.

Important Notes:

  • Phonetag is a third party service provided by Ditech Networks. Please note OnSIP is not responsible for Phonetag's services. We've just made this integration easier for customers interested in this feature.
  • Users will still be able to manage and listen to voicemails in the OnSIP app (just choose the voicemail-to-email option that doesn't delete a voicemail once it's sent as an email attachment).
  • All caller ID information is preserved in the OnSIP app. Caller ID information is also located in the emails from Phonetag, with the exception of caller ID information from users within your PBX. Users within your PBX are marked as "Unknown" because the Caller ID information will be passed as names (rather than numbers), which are not picked up by the Phonetag service.

Cost Per User

Check with Phonetag for pricing and plans.

How To Sign up for Phonetag services

Here are the instructions for setting up voicemail transcription with Phonetag:

  • 1. Go to Phonetag's website ( and click Sign Up

  • 2. Fill in the necessary fields for the user, including plan, location, and billing info. Note that for users with an extension (e.g. 7001), it is acceptable to use this format: 555-555-5555 x7001. You can also set your own personal PhoneTag PIN to anything you like.

  • 3. Select OnSIP as the provider in the drop down.

  • 4. The following welcome screen explains the unique number given to you by the Phonetag system. This information is not necessary for your signup, though the confirmation email you receive is.

  • 5. Refer to the confirmation email and follow the instructions to configure the OnSIP app:

    1. Sign into

    2. In My Dashboard, click on the Settings button in the Voicemail section

    3. In Notify Email, choose Email with .wav attachment

    4. Edit the Notification Email to [unique_phonetag_email], and click on the 'X' at the top of the popup box.

  • 6. Your voicemail emails will now be delivered to PhoneTag for transcription.

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