Getting Listed in the White Pages

Here are four quick and easy things to do to get a business phone listing.

First, go to the Listyourself website. This site bills itself as "The Listing Service for the Unlisted" and while it appears to be a very simple site, many small business owners have told us that it has worked for them. However, some have not been successful with this service and others have had to enter their information multiple times before it worked. Still, it's a free service so it's worth a try.

Second, go to SuperPages and register your business for a free listing. You will find the "Add or Edit a Business" link at the bottom of the home page. Also, list yourself on Google Maps. Google Maps is what feeds the new Google 411 service.

Third, you can contact Verizon Wireless at and ask for a "foreign listing" - you don't actually have to have a Verizon number to get into their wireless 411 directory. There is a one-time $9 fee and a $1.12 monthly charge.

Fourth, you can call your local 411, ask for your listing and then when you are told that there is no such business listing, tell them you are the owner of the business and ask them how to get listed. In the worst case, you can a new number with your local phone company and have it forward to your other numbers. It costs money but it might be worth it.

411 information tends to propagate so getting into one 411 directory may be sufficient. Have a 411 listing and being in the various online 411 directories (e.g. doesn't ensure that you will be in the printed White Listings directory. For that, you will need to call the company that puts out the White Pages.


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