fring™ is a mobile internet service that enables you make calls using your cell phone's internet connection. You download fring to your mobile device, e.g. iPhone, and then configure it for Junction Networks' OnSIP Hosted PBX. Once configured, you will be able to dial extension to extension calls within your PBX as well as make calls to the PSTN all over your cell phone's WIFI connection without incurring cell phone minute charges. Additionally, you will be able to receive calls to your mobile device when someone dials your extension assuming that fring is up and running on your phone and you are on a wifi network. fring does not work over 3G.

Here is an overview of fring™ and OnSIP

Set Up fring for OnSIP


Download fring from the Apple App Store.

Step 2

Within the fring interface choose "More", "Add-ons" and "SIP".

Choose MoreChoose Add-onsChoose SIP

Step 3

From the SIP interface, choose "Other":

Choose Other

Step 4

In order to get fring to work with OnSIP, you have to change the way you enter your username/password:

If you have the following username information:

Phone configuration section

You would enter the following information into fring:
User ID -
Password - VPG3hockrifv
Proxy -

User IDPassword and Proxy

If you are successful, you'll see a check mark next to "SIP" under "More/Add-ons":
Check mark 


Download fring at
or from the App Store on your iPhone.

Please Note:

fring is currently acting as a back to back user agent (B2BUA) for all the registrations and calls they handle.

As such, any customer of ours that uses their service will be handing over their username and password to fring.

There are some issues with this approach:

  1. There are obvious potential security issues...
    • Sharing username/password with a random 3rd party
    • Calls could be intercepted
  2. Services like call "Hold", "Transfer" and "Conference" will not work in this format.
  3. DTMF is disabled in the fring application


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