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Step 1: Gather information for each user.

Each user has a set of credentials which will be needed to configure each phone. For each phone that you are configuring, obtain the following:

  • "SIP Address" (Address of Record)
  • "SIP Password"
  • "Auth Username"
  • "Username"
  • "Proxy/Domain"
  • Outbound Proxy"

You can find this information in the user detail pages under the "Users" tab in your OnSIP Admin Portal.

Phone configuration

Step 2: Download Bria from the App Store.

From the home screen, touch "App Store" --> "Search". Search for "Bria iPhone Edition", and purchase.

Step 3: Configure OnSIP Hosted PBX user account information.

Images are from Bria-iPhone Edition Version 3.8.1 release, build 36246, built October 2016

When you start Bria for the iPhone for the very first time, it should automatically take you to the "Account" screen. If for some reason that is not what you see, you can get there by clicking "Settings" from the bottom navigation bar, and selecting "Accounts". Note that you can enter information for multiple accounts.

If this is your first SIP account, in the upper right is a '+' sign to create new account - see image:


Once '+' is selected it will take you to the screen you see below where you will select "OnSIP".

Enter in your credentials as follows:

  • Account Name > "OnSIP" (autopopulates after you selected the image from previous page)
  • Display as > Whatever you'd like
  • Username > Username
  • Password > SIP Password
  • Auth Name > Auth Username
  • Domain > Domain (i.e.

After you have filled out the fields, click the "Register" button at the bottom of this page.

Troubleshooting: 404-Error

Sometimes we see phones that have problems with extension to extension call setup. This is typically shown as a "404 Error" on the Bria phone. If that is the case, try turning off the PRACK feature. Under "Advanced Settings" Scroll to the bottom. Select "Show Miscellaneous" under "SIP Miscellaneous". Deselect "Enable PRACK". Scroll down and "Apply Changes".

Step 4: Allow VoIP Calls

Next, go back into the main "Settings" menu> "Preferences". Here you can toggle "Allow VoIP Calls" and "Use When Available" modes.

 Step 5: Advanced Settings

From Account page, scroll to bottom of screen and select "Account Advanced".  Select "Server Managed" and make certain "Use DNS SRV" is enabled:


Step 6: Audio Codec

From "Settings" page select "Advanced Settings".  Scroll down to Audio Codecs Selection and from both Mobile Audio and Wi-Fi Audio Codecs, enable only the following turning off all other codecs listed for best call quality and performance:
  • G722
  • G711u
  • G711a
  • GSM

Step 7: Add a "1" to outbound calls to work with your iPhone contacts

From "Account Status" page scroll down to "Dial Plan (Number Prefixes)".  Click the '+' sign in the upper right of your screen and configure the following:

  • Name > Whatever you'd like.  OnSIP personally used "Add a 1"
  • Match Number > "xxxxxxxxxx" (10 "x's" representing 10-digits in a phone number)
  • Remove Prefix > "Leave blank"
  • Add Prefix > "1"
  • "Done" then "Save" in upper right of screen

Now, when you choose a number for your contacts on your iPhone and choose dial, the number dialed, if it's in your contacts as 10 digits, will send the call to OnSIP with 11 digits by prepending a one.

Step 8: Registered Device View and Unregistered

First two images are how to get the device registered - make sure you click on the "information" circle to select OnSIP account to move to the second image listed:

The third image one would slide the "enable" button to the left to "unregister" the device. This is the way you would close out the application so not to be bothered on your down time:


Step 9: "Hey Siri"

You can now configure Siri to work with your Bria softphone application (January 2017 - verizon 3.8.2 build 37039.37040), here's how:

  • In your phone settings, select "Siri", walk through the multiple screens for voice recognition:
  • Select, enable 'Allow "Hey Siri"':
  • Allow Bria to access your Contacts, otherwise this feature will not work:

Using Mobile Connection - iPad

Bria client on iPad may cause an issue in connecting calls when using it over a mobile connection versus WiFi. If you experience this issue, you will need to enable "Global IP Mobile". To do this:

  • Disable Bria so you can make modifications
  • "Settings" (gear icon in lower right of your App)
  • "Accounts"
  • "Advanced Settings"
  • "SIP Setup Traversal" - turn off "Global IP WiFi", turn on "Global IP Mobile"
  • Enable Bria


Save Battery Life

  • Disable Bria so you can edit (it will not work if you have the app enabled)
  • Account Advanced (on page where you 'enable' Bria at the very bottom)
  • Scroll down to SIP Registration section - both are currently set at 900 for Incoming Calls
  • Scroll down to Keep Alive - you can set both to 30 (it actually tells you that "you might increase Keep Alive values to save battery" when you do this).
  • Select "done" in upper right and then Enable the app
  • On Bria Mobile, do not use the Beta Push Service (below)
  • IMG_2639.jpg 

XMPP Client (Premium Feature - OPTIONAL)

XMPP and Presence are not available with OnSIP using Bria

Updated April 2017


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