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Unavailable Greeting (Option 0 then 1)

The Unavailable Greeting is a greeting that you speak into a headset/handset and advise callers of your status and request they leave you a message. If you are not able to create your unavailable greeting right away, the default unavailable greeting simply tells the callers that the User at voice mailbox 'xyz' is unavailable. To create your unavailable message:

  • Dial *98 on your OnSIP registered phone
  • Enter Mailbox Number followed by the # sign
  • Enter PIN/Password for Voice Mailbox followed by the # sign
  • Option 0
  • Option 1 - unavailable message

If after you've recorded your 'Unavailable Message' you still hear the one that was on there prior OR your vacation/away message you'll need to disable the 'Temporary Message'.


Temporary Greeting (Option 0 then 4)

The Temporary Greeting is the same as a vacation or out of office message. Whenever a Temporary Greeting is available, it takes precedence over the Unavailable Greeting:

  • Dial *98 on your OnSIP registered phone
  • Enter Mailbox Number followed by the # sign
  • Enter PIN/Password for Voice Mailbox followed by the # sign
  • Option 0
  • Option 4, then 1 - Create Temporary Message
  • Option 4, then 2 - Disable Temporary Message


Record Your Name (Option 0 then 3)

The Name feature is inserted into a pre-recorded message for both the voice mailbox and Dial By Name Directory.  When recording your name, you replace the automated message in the voice mailbox ('the User at mailbox "xyz" is unavailable...') and the automated phonetic spelling of your name in the Dial By Name Directory (C-L-O-R-E-C-E) making your phone system have a human touch.


Busy Greeting (Option 0 then 2)

The Busy Greeting is not used. It is currently in the voicemail system menu as a place-holder for future functionality.


Changing Password (Option 0 then 5)

The Password feature allows Users to change their own passwords using the physical phone instead of needing assistance from the Account Admin.


Uploading WAV files to Voicemail

You can now upload an unavailable greeting using either the OnSIP app or through Resources in the OnSIP Admin Portal.

OnSIP App:
After logging into the OnSIP app, select 'Voicemail' from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner.  Click 'Edit Settings' and turn 'Customer Greeting' on.  You will then see an option to upload a WAV file of your choice.  Click 'Save' once you are finished.

OnSIP Admin Portal / Resources tab:
What if you have a voice mailbox for a Group that doesn't belong to any one User.  Not a problem.  Log into the OnSIP Admin Portal, select Resources tab, locate the voice mailbox and click to expand boxes, Custom Greeting box, 'Choose File' and 'Upload'.

*** Uploaded files must be a WAV file (PCM, 8,000hz and 16 bit stereo) and cannot exceed 60-seconds in length. The file must not exceed 5MB.  We have had success using WavePad to convert files to the above file type.

Not sure what to record?
Check out some of our voicemail greeting script blogs to craft the right message for your callers:


Updated November 2016

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