Below are the configuration instructions for Switchvox.

First log into the Admin Portal.


2. Select ADD New SIP Provider.

3. Input the following information:

SIP Provider Name= OnSIP
Your Account ID= MY_USERNAME
Your Password= MY_PASSWORD
Hostname/IP Address=
Callback Extension= Switchvox_extension
DTMF Mode= RFC2833

Note: Make sure your username (SIP Address) and Auth Username are the same. If they are not, please edit your SIP address to make them identical in the OnSIP Admin interface.

Here is an example of what the settings should look like:

***Select "Click to Open Advanced Settings"*****

You must add Caller ID Name and Number information:

Caller ID Name= (whatever you choose)
Caller ID Number= (any valid 10-digit number)

Caller ID Number must be a valid 10-digit number for the service to work.

Here is an example of what the advanced settings should look like:

Or choose Add New IAX Provider

4. Select Add New SIP Provider

5. Before you can use the service, you need to first establish your Outgoing Calls settings. Navigate to SYSTEM SETUP >> OUTGOING CALLS.

6. Select Add New Rule

7. Input the following information:

Rule Name= OnSIP
Is this rule final= yes
Number begins with the digits= 91
The rest of the numbers must be between= 10 and 10 digits
Before connecting the call, trim= 1 digit from the front,
and prepend= No digits to the number (leave blank)
Call Through= SIP Provider
SIP Provider= OnSIP

This is what the outgoing rule should look like:

8. Select Add outgoing rule

CONGRATULATIONS! You should now be ready to make and receive calls from OnSIP.

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