PSTN Gateway Status

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Updated July 2015

PSTN Gateway is still in service, and we do not have any plans to discontinue service.

Our new customers, we are now offering SIP Trunking via our OnSIP Hosted Trunking PBX platform.  This is a choice to consolidate and simplify our product offerings to new customers. If you are an existing PSTN Gateway customer, you can continue to use PSTN Gateway service or you can contact our Customer Success Team who would be happy to help you convert to the new platform.  For our existing customers, IAX is no longer an option to select/configure in the PSTN Gateway accounts nor the new platform.

We will continue to support PSTN Gateway service. Click here for a link to our PSTN Gateway Knowledgebase.  The phone number to our Customer Success Team, should you need assistance, is 1.800.801.3381 option 2 then 1.

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