Outlook Plugin -- Deprecated 8/31/16

August 2016- The TAPI driver is being deprecated and will not be updated. There are no plans to revisit this plug-in.  Microsoft has deprecated our TAPI driver version as of 8/31/16.


OnSIP now supports dialing your Microsoft Outlook contacts through our Windows TAPI Driver plugin. Simply install the following Windows 'exe' and you will be able to dial any phone number or extension through Windows TAPI enabled applications like Outlook and Phone Dialer.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Imagine initiating calls to your contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook- OnSIP offers that ability with the Microsoft Outlook Integrator! Now, alongside physical and email addresses, you can enter your Contacts’ phone numbers and call them directly from Outlook. You can also dial phone numbers not already in your Contacts, and take advantage of features such as Speed Dial and Redial.


  • Call contacts directly from Outlook
  • Set up calls from numerous locations in Outlook
  • Create a call to any 10 digit number right in Outlook
  • Speed Dial and Redial functions available

OnSIP Outlook Integration Screenshots

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Initiating a call from Outlook is simple. You can create the call from various locations, including dropdown menus and the toolbar. Your phone will ring notifying you that a call is being created; once you answer, the Outlook Integrator will automatically dial the phone number you want to reach.

How to use the plug in

To use the dialer from Outlook:

  1. Open your Outlook Contacts
  2. Right click a contact and choose dial
  3. In the dialog that appears click "Dialing Options..." and chose "OnSIP Hosted PBX" from the dropdown and press "OK"
  4. In the original dialog window click "Start Call"
    NOTE: in Contact Field for phone number, by default it's written +1(xxx)xxx-xxxx.  CHANGE to read 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx.


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