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Gather your user SIP credentials

You can find your SIP credentials in the OnSIP admin portal. The information you need will look like this.

Phone configuration section 

Application Configuration

Note: These instructions quickly outline the basic set up for the Groundwire app. This process should be extremely similar for users of the Acrobits soft phone.

When you start up your app, you should see the keypad screen. Select "Settings" in the upper right hand side of your screen. Select "SIP accounts", and use the "+" sign in the upper right hand of your screen to add a new account. Select the option "Generic SIP Account".

Enter in your SIP credentials in the provided fields like so:

  • Title - Your Choice
  • Username - "Username" (From your SIP credentials)
  • Password - "SIP Password" (From your SIP credentials)
  • Domain - "Proxy/Domain" (From your SIP credentials)
  • Display Name - Your Choice

Click on "Advanced Settings", and scroll down until you see the field for "Auth User Name". Enter your "Auth Username" (From your SIP credentials).

Scroll down further on the "Advanced settings" page until you see "Outbound Proxy". Click on it. You will need to enable "Outbound Proxy", set the "Host" to "", and make sure that the "Transport Protocol" is "udp". Hit "Done" when finished. These configuration steps are shown below.



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