1. Go to and login. Click on the PSTN Gateway section and note your VOIP username and password.

2. Create a SIP Proxy on the edgeBOX.

Log into the edgeBOX and navigate to to the VoIP & IP-PBX section. Select the Outbound Calls tab and then the SIP Proxies tab. Click Add Proxy.

Enter in both the Proxy Name and Host fields

Click the Authentication tab. Select Enable Authentication and enter your Junction Networks Auth. username and VoIP password

Click the NAT tab. Leave the "Enable NAT" setting at the NAT tab unchecked.

Click the Codecs tab. Add GSM to the list of available codecs.

Click OK on the New Proxy window and then Apply on the VoIP & IP-PBX page.

3. Verify that the SIP Proxy registered with Junction Networks. In the Edgebox, the connection will show up with a green "Registered" under State. In the OnSIP interface, click on Configuration. Under SIP Registration, you will see the connection details.

If you need to edit the EdgeBOX via the text-based configuration files, use this:

The EdgeBOX is a modified Asterisk server. Therefore, the standard Asterisk SIP settings should work.

Please note: videosupport MUST be set to "no" for calls to be accepted.

shell> view sip.conf


pedantic = yes

rtcachefriends = yes

useragent = edgebox

registertimeout = 30

maxexpirey = 500

videosupport = no

register = Auth Username:VOIP

tos = 0x28

registerattempts = 5

allowguest = yes

defaultexpirey = 500


qualify = no

nat = never

secret = N8tmdozrWFnl

username = Auth. Username

host =

dtmfmode = rfc2833

disallow = all

context = incoming

allow = ulaw

allow = alaw

type = friend

insecure = very

call-limit = 10

canreinvite = no

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