How can I test my Internet connection to OnSIP?

To test your connection to our servers before signing up or to help troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing we need you to run a PingPlotter test. This is software that will run on your PC for a period of time and track the amount of packet loss and latency on the connection.

  1. Download and install PingPlotter (shareware version)
  2. Enter the following settings after the program starts:
    - Trace Interval = 15 seconds
    - Samples to Include = 10
    - Address to trace =
    - Choose Edit-->Advanced Settings-->Packet Options Tab-->Packet Size=56
  3. Press the trace button and let the test run for at least 24 hours. This will help us track your connection throughout the day. If we only ran the test for an hour or two we may not pick up time-of-day issues. After a day the graph displayed should look something like this.
  4. Choose File-->Save Sample Set-->Save the file
  5. Reply to your support email and attach the file.
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    Dave Miller

    PingPlotter seems to be a Windows app. What if I don't have Windows?