Billing FAQ

How do I get billed for use of the service?

This is a pre-paid service.

You must first establish an account balance. Every time you make a call, take a call, or use the conference service, your account balance will be reduced according to charges incurred by your calling activity. You must maintain a positive balance in order to use any of the services.

What kind of bill or receipt will I receive?

In order to deliver our service at the cheapest price to you, we do not send paper bills, invoices or receipts. Every time we charge your credit card, we will send you an email receipt at the email address you provided us when you signed up.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. Cards must have valid US billing addresses and from a US-Based bank.

Can I be billed and invoiced for my use of the service?

For large volume users, on a case by case basis, we can arrange to bill you for your account usage instead of pre-payment by credit card. We will require a deposit for billing customers.

Contact sales at to discuss billing options.

How do I use the Auto-refill feature?

The auto-refill feature is the best way to keep your account balance positive and avoid interruption of service. If you use this feature, we will automatically charge your credit card on file when your pre-paid account balance falls to a certain level.

  1. Navigate to "Account >> Payment Information".
  2. Set "Enabled" to "ON"
  3. Choose a "Threshold" amount. When your account balance falls to this amount, we will immediately charge your credit card.
  4. Choose a "Refill To" amount. When your account balance falls below the Threshold amount, we will immediately charge your credit card the amount that will restore your balance to this level.
  5. Click CONFIRM

We will charge your credit card whatever amount is necessary in order to return your balance to the level you choose.

How do I add credit to my account balance manually?

You can always add credit to your pre-paid account balance using this feature.

  1. Navigate to "Account >> Payment Information".
  2. Choose the "Add Credit" amount you would like to add to your pre-paid account balance.
  3. Click CONFIRM to charge your credit card and add this amount to your account balance.

We will charge your credit card on file each time you request credit added to your account.

What will happen if my balance falls below $0.00?

Every time you make a call or a call comes into you, we check to make sure you have a positive account balance. If you do not, calls will not go through. Please make sure to keep your account balance at a high enough level to maintain service.

OnSIP encourages the use of the auto-refill feature to automatically charge your credit card on file, based on the threshold and refill amounts you set, to maintain a positive PSTN balance.

What will happen to calls in progress if my account balance falls to $0.00?

If your account balance falls to $0.00 while a call(s) are in progress you call will not be disconnected; however, subsequent calls will not be accepted or able to be made as your account will become negative (-$0.00).

How do I update my credit card, contact info or user info?

In the OnSIP Admin Portal navigate to the Account tab to update this information.

How do you calculate the length of a call?

Call lengths are measured in sixty-second increments, where each call is rounded up to the nearest minute.

Why did I get billed for more than I wanted to put in my account?

The additional charges are taxes and fees OnSIP is required to charge our customers.  You can see the amount of taxes and fees by clicking on the Account tab, under PSTN (prepaid) box select "View Transaction History" then click on the date to see full details of the transaction.

What is "DID MRC"?

DID MRC = Direct Inward Dial, Monthly Recurring Fee

The "DID MRC" charges on your account are the $2.00 monthly fee per phone number associated with your account.  For example, if you have 2 OnSIP phone numbers, the DID MRC would be $4 per month.

These charges are separate from your monthly invoices, not included in any monthly Plan, and are deducted from your prepaid balance. The numbers are billed on the anniversary date of when they were added to your account, which may be why you see these charges are different dates throughout the month.

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