Setting Caller ID


The Caller ID Number under Outbound Call Preferences is what OnSIP sends out as the caller-ID when an outbound call is placed. On calls to the PSTN, ONLY the number is accepted by the outbound carrier. As long as you see the caller-ID number, you have setup caller-ID correctly. The Caller-ID name field is only sent on SIP to SIP (extension to extension) phone calls. 


Caller ID should be set in two (2) places in your OnSIP Admin Portal.  The reason for this is the Outbound Caller ID for the User is pushed through the PSTN gateway.  If the receiving end does a lookup for the number you entered as your outbound call preference, and there is a record for it, then it will insert the name; this is not always a given, but it's best to set it in both placed within OnSIP.  In general, the name/label is typically dropped but the number is passed through.

If you intend to make calls outside the US, Caller ID is required to be configured in your account for the call to be successful.

First, log in to the OnSIP Admin Portal and navigate to the Users tab. Click on the name of the user who's Caller ID you'd like to modify and look for the Outbound Call Preferences section.

Outbound call preferences section

Click "modify" to change this user's settings. You can either have the user's phone send Caller ID (Please note: not all phones can send caller-ID settings), or provide a custom one through our interface. For custom Caller ID, select "custom" as the PSTN Caller ID, and fill in the name and phone number you would like to appear as Caller ID. The custom setting will then over-ride anything sent by the phone.

Caller ID settings

When you're done, click "save". If everything went okay, you should see your settings in the Outbound Call Preferences section. Otherwise you will be given an error message and asked to fix what went wrong.

Second, while still in OnSIP Admin Portal navigate to the Resources tab. Click on the phone number(s) for the Caller ID you'd like to modify.  Righthand side click "modify".  Lefthand side under Caller ID Name select "custom" -->then enter the label (Caller ID) for this phone number -->save.



On all extension to extension calls, both your name and number will be displayed to the called party. On calls to the PSTN, most carriers will drop the caller-ID name, but will display the caller-ID number, given the number is a valid 11-digit number.

Setting Default Caller ID click here


Can't Call Toll Free Numbers:

If you have problems calling toll free numbers, it may be a problem with your outbound caller-ID number. Make sure that your caller-ID number is a valid 11 digit phone number and not, itself, a toll free number. Many toll-free numbers reject calls without a valid caller-ID or if the caller-ID is a toll-free number.


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