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The dial by name directory is an application that allows callers to reach users in your system by keying in the first few letters of a name in order to directly dial the user that the caller is looking for.

Please Note: If the users in your dial by name directory are assigned a voice mailbox and have recorded their name for their voicemail greeting, then the directory will use this recording as the user's recorded name. If not, the directory will simply spell out the person's name to the caller. Please see the voicemail reference guide for information on how to record your users' names.


Creating a new dial by name directory:


  1. In the Admin Portal, click on the "Apps" tab. Then, click on "Create New Apps" > "Dial By Name Directory" > "Create a new Dial By Name Directory"
  2. Give the directory a descriptive name, e.g. "Corporate Directory"
  3. Find the users in the "Available Members" box that you would like to include in the directory
  4. Next, move them into the "In Directory" box. You can do so by selecting the user's name and then clicking on the right-facing arrow. Or, you can click and hold on the user's name, and then drag the name into the "In Directory" box.
  5. Click "Confirm"


Editing an existing dial by name directory:


  1. Click the name of the directory that you would like to edit on the "Apps" page
  2. In the Directory Details box, click on "modify"
  3. Here, you can rename the directory, add new users to the directory, and remove existing users from the directory
  4. Once you've made your changes, click "save"

What to do if the settings do not display


Updated October 2019

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