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Our On Net Conference Suite may be used for hosting multi person conference calls. An On Net Conference Suite may only hold one conference at a time. However, multiple suites can be created to host multiple simultaneous conferences. A single On Net Conference Suite can handle up to a maximum of 15 simultaneous users.


Creating your On Net Conference Suite


Taking advantage of our On Net Conference Suite is extremely easy.

  1. In the Admin Portal, click on the "Apps" tab. Then, click on "Create New Apps" > "On Net Conference Suite" > "Create a new On Net Conference Suite"
  2. Give the new conference suite a meaningful name
  3. Click "Confirm"


Assigning the Conference Suite a PIN

If you would like to secure access to your On Net Conference Suite so that only users who know a PIN number may enter it, you can do so by editing the feature and assigning it a PIN.


  1. Click the name of the On Net Conference Suite that you would like to edit in the list of applications on the "Apps" page
  2. Under "On Net Conference Suite Details" click "modify"
  3. Edit the settings you would like to change, optionally assigning a PIN if you would like to make it secure
  4. Click "save"

Please Note: You cannot edit the settings or PIN of an On Net Conference Suite while a conference call is in session; only after the last caller hangs up in a conference session will the new settings take effect.


Setting Conference Music on Hold

The conference Music on Hold (MoH) is the music that plays when only one user has entered the On Net Conference Suite and is waiting for others to join. You can edit the conference MoH in the On Net Conference Suite settings as seen above. Initially, you will see the three standard MoH options. If you wish to add further MoH channels, please see the Knowledgebase entry on Setting MoH (under "Related" links).

The music heard when the first person enters the conference call cannot be disabled/turned off.  Turning your MOH channels to 0 will not eliminate the music heard by the first person entering the conference, and not by the following attendees.


Next Steps

In order to allow callers who are using traditional telephones into your On Net Conference Suite, you must be sure to assign the On Net Conference Suite either a telephone number or allow it to be dialed by extension off of your main attendant menu.



An On Net Conference Suite costs $19.95/month per On Net Conference Suite configured, or you can purchase various packages (see the image below). It is a completely free call for any users calling the On Net Conference Suite from a SIP phone (an internal extension). For any users calling in from the outside, the regular per-minute inbound call charges apply.



This is a small image from the OnSIP Admin Portal > Account tab > Plans box > Configure Plan section.  If you select, say the 10 suites, whether you have all 10 On Net Conference Suites configured or only 7 of your 10, you pay for the package of 10 (or whatever package you've selected).


Updated October 2019

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