Providing Custom Data/Caller Information

Imagine the time saved if your sales or support team knew each caller’s identity, where on the website they were calling from, and had detailed information about what they were trying to accomplish. That and more are all possible with OnSIP’s InstaCall Solution using a feature we call Custom Data.

On any page where InstaCall is deployed, a javascript object can be set with whatever data you want to provide to the callee. Your team will need to be taking calls in the OnSIP app, as it contains a phone designed to display the custom data. Let’s take a look at how it works.


The Code

As an example, we’ll pretend we’re working with a website that has a shopping cart. It’s useful for someone taking a call from the shopping cart page to know who the caller is and what they’re trying to buy, so that’s the data we’ve defined.

      window.instacall || (window.instacall = {});

      window.instacall.customdata = {
      "page" : "",
      "customer's name" : "Carlos Danger",
      "" :       {
        "MS-345DF11" : "Charmin Ultrasoft Toilet Paper",
        "MS-023CV23" : "Snyder's of Hanover Gluten Free Mini Pretzels 3 Pack",
        "MS-298JK00" : "Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer"
      "repeat customer"       : "yes"


The Explanation

The first javascript statement simply ensures that InstaCall has been declared. It’s a common pattern, which javascript developers will recognize. As long as you have that statement, you can assign custom data anywhere on your page and be sure it will work.

The second statement is simply a javascript object definition. Javascript objects are very flexible and have many variations, of which this is just one. The only requirement is that the name be window.instacall.customdata, and that it be loaded with the desired data at the time the call is initiated.



An Incoming InstaCall with Custom Data

Incoming InstaCall with Custom Data

As you can see, the callee is presented with the contextual data before making the decision to take or not take the call.

An active InstaCall with Custom Data

Active InstaCall with Custom Data

The data continues to be viewable for the duration of the call.

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