Resources Overview

OnSIP Resources include elements that act as supplements to users, groups, and applications. The most common resources are Phone Numbers and Voicemail Boxes although there are other types.

To create a new resource, click on the "Add New Resources" link at the top of the "Resources" page. This opens up the New Resource selector. You can click on any resource icon to get more information on what that resource does and what the costs (if any) will be.

New Resource selector



Use in attendant menus and announcements as the prerecorded messages to play to callers.

Voice Mailbox

Assign voice mailboxes to users or organizations to catch unanswered calls.

Phone Number

Purchase toll or toll free numbers and assign them directly to your users, groups, and applications for direct access from the PSTN.

External Phone Number

Incorporate any phone number out on the PSTN into your OnSIP Hosted PBX with an external phone number. Use this to assign easy to remember extensions to frequently called phone numbers. Route calls to a cell phone from an attendant menu or a business hour rule, the choice is up to you.

External SIP Address

OnSIP was built from the ground up as an open SIP platform and as such we want you to utilize any outside SIP addresses you may currently have. Include any address from a third party SIP provider into your OnSIP Hosted PBX.


This option allows you to add a SIP compatible phone to the OnSIP interface. You will also use this resource to configure your users' BLF options.

Music Source

This option allows you to create a new music source if you have enabled Enhanced Music On Hold. You are able to enter your own Name and URL of a hosted music (mpeg) file or stream of your own, or select from a list of several icecast stations. This option also allows you to preview the file or Icecast station.

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