External SIP Address

Similar to an external phone number resource, external SIP addresses allow you to assign an extension or an internal SIP address to SIP terminations on other networks.

Creating an External SIP Address


  1. In the Admin Portal, click on "Resources""Create New Resource""External SIP Address""Create a new External SIP Address"
  2. Enter in a descriptive Name for this external SIP address
  3. Enter the 3rd party SIP address in the 'Foreign Address' text field
  4. Provide an Extension (optional) for your external SIP address. This is useful if you want to be able to quickly dial out to the external address.
  5. Click on "Confirm"

Editing an External SIP Address

SIP addresses

  1. From the "Resources" page, click on the name of the external SIP address in the Resources list.
  2. In the "Extensions & Phone Numbers" and "External SIP Address Details" boxes, click on "modify," make the changes that you wish, and then click on "save"

To learn more about SIP addressing, feel free to read our article defining what a SIP address is and how you can use SIP addresses for next generation communications.


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