Creating and Editing a Voicemail Box


Voicemail boxes can be created and assigned to users directly on the "Users" tab. However, if you would like to create a voicemail box to be used for a group's failover location, or perhaps the office after hours mailbox then you will need to create the mailbox from the "Resources" tab.
Voicemail messages are limited to 5 minutes. We do test for dead air. If there is no audio for 10 seconds we will stop recording.


Creating a Voicemail Box

New voice mailbox

  1. On the Resources page click "Create New Resource" > "Voicemail Box" > "Create a new Voicemail Box"
  2. Enter a descriptive name for the mailbox
  3. Mailbox Number: This unique number will be used to identify this mailbox while checking voicemail in the voicemail manager. Note: In order to make this number easy to remember, we suggest selecting a number the same as the extension of the user that will failover to this voicemail box as the mailbox number. For instance, if this is the sales group's voicemail box and the sales group is at extension 1001, then set mailbox number equal to 1001.
  4. Timezone: Select the timezone in which to record the date and time of voicemail.
  5. Say Datetime: Turn on to hear the date and time at the beginning of each voicemail during message playback.
  6. Say Duration: Turn on to hear the duration of each voicemail during message playback.
  7. Say Caller ID: Turn on to hear the caller ID of the caller who left the message during message playback.
  8. Notify Pager: Send a short text email indicating the presence of a new voicemail. Please Note: This is separate from Voicemail-to-Email. This is intended to send emails to devices that only work well with very short messages.
  9. Pager Address: Email address of where to send the pager notification.
  10. Send Notification Email: Turn on to receive an email regarding new voicemail.
  11. Email: Email address of where to send the notification email.
  12. Attach Message as WAV: If 'yes', then the notification email will contain a WAV file of the voicemail attached to it.
  13. Delete Message after Sending: If 'yes', the voicemail will be deleted from the server upon sending the email.
  14. Message Waiting Indicator: If desired, the voicemail box can light the message waiting indicator light of the selected user's registered phones.
  15. On Press of 0, send caller to: When a caller enters the voicemail box and presses "0" this is the location they will be transferred to.


Editing a Voicemail Box

Voice mailbox configuration and voicemail notifications

To make changes to a voicemail box, find the voicemail box in the list of resources and click on its name to expand the boxes to view details. To make changes to the voicemail, notify pager settings or voicemail, click "modify" under the "Voicemail Notifications" section. To change any other voicemail box settings, click "modify" under "Voicemail Box Configuration".

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