Voicemail Management

The Voicemail Manager can be used to listen to voicemail and manage mailbox messages. The extensions or phone numbers assigned to the Voicemail Manager can be found on the "Resources" page by clicking on "" in the list of resources. By default the Voicemail Manager gets extension '*98' and can be dialed directly or through any attendant menu that has enabled extension dialing.

Voicemail manager

Logging into Voicemail Management

To log into the Voicemail Manager you will need to know a few things:

  • An extension or phone number for the voicemail manger
  • A mailbox number
  • The PIN for that voicemail box

You may find both the mailbox number and the PIN for the mailbox under the "Voicemail Box Configuration" detail of the the voicemail box. Simply click on the voicemail box in the list of "Resources" and find the following information:

Voice mailbox configuration

Once you have all of this information, you may call into the voicemail manager and enter the information when prompted for it. First, enter the mailbox number followed by the pound sign ('#'), then the PIN followed by the pound sign.

Depending on whether or not you have new voicemail you will hear a few different options. See the Voicemail Quick Reference Guide for an overview of the voicemail management options. Voicemail messages are limited to 5 minutes. We do test for dead air. If there is no audio for 10 seconds we will stop recording.


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