The OnSIP reports tab provides summary CDR information broken down by user.

Please Note: SIP to SIP (this includes extension to extension calling) will not appear on the reports. The reports only reflect charged calls.

 Reading the Account Summary Report

  1. Navigate to the "Reports" page and select the time period you would like to see for the report.


  2. The summary for the time period chosen above will be displayed in the body of the page. The summary totals for inbound minutes, outbound minutes, and cost are at the top of the page. Each of the previous metrics is then broken down by user in a table under the totals.


Reading the User Summary Report

  1. Click on a username then "Show CDRs" in the lower right of the box to open that user's detailed report (see above, lower right arrow).
  2. The report is broken down by call type, i.e. inbound, outbound, toll-free, and on network calls. The first column of each row displays the number of minutes used, the second column displays the number of calls, and the third column displays the total cost of the current call type. The cost of all this user's calls for the given time range is the value listed in the user's summary row.

Detailed Call Reports

OnSIP provides a link to download the current time period's call detail records (CDRs) as a CSV file from the Reports page. Simply click the "CSV" link near the top of the page to retrieve an in-depth breakdown of all your month's calls. Call duration in the .csv is in seconds.




Updated April 2018


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