Adding a New PBX

Did you know you can add another PBX to your OnSIP account? Either add another OnSIP Hosted PBX or a PSTN Trunking PBX. Adding a new PBX is extremely simple and will allow you to manage multiple organizations under a single account.


Adding your new PBX

  1. Navigate to the "Account" page and click "Add a PBX".

    Add a PBX

  2. Next choose the type of PBX you would like to add, either 'OnSIP Hosted PBX' or 'PSTN Gateway Trunk.'

    Choose type of PBX

  3. Give the new organization a name. The name you choose here will be automatically formatted into a new domain name or trunk name for your PBX. You may manually enter this name if you so choose.
  4. Edit the remaining contact information for the new organization as necessary and click "save."


Administering your new PBX

After creating your new PBX a new drop down menu will appear on the right edge of the navigation bar. The select menu will display the PBX that you are currently administering. You may administer your new PBX by selecting it from the menu. If it is a PSTN Gateway Trunk take a look at our PSTN Gateway Knowledgebase.


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