E911 Test Call

This is a non-emergency call, I'm making a VoIP test call on behalf of : {your name}

  • Did you receive ANI information? What number do you show? (this is the ESQK)
    (if you are documenting this call, write down the ESQK number)

Note: This number will NOT be a number you are familiar with or any number in your OnSIP account. This number is used once for that particular 911 call and then placed back in the pool. It is used ONLY for the emergency responder to call back the exact SIP device (phone) that placed the original 911 call.

  • Were you able to retrieve ALI information? Can you verify the address that displayed (make sure this is accurate)?
  • Do you show my Call Back Number (note: this is also the ESQK number, it will not be one you recognize)?
  • Does the information on your display appear in the proper fields?
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