Announcements are applications that will play a message to the caller then immediately forward them on to another address. Announcements may be used for such purposes as playing the hours of operation of your business then forwarding back to the main attendant menu. Another use may be playing a status message to callers before forwarding on to your support group, potentially alleviating your support representatives from answering repetitive questions about a known issue currently affecting your business.

Please Note: Before attempting to create an announcement you must have previously created a recording either through uploading a prerecorded wav file through the Resources page or by recording your own message through the Recording Manager.


Creating an Announcement


  1. In the Admin Portal, click on the "Apps" tab. Then, click on "Create New Apps" > "Announcement" > "Create a new Announcement"
  2. Give the announcement an appropriate, descriptive name
  3. Choose the recording to play to the caller
  4. Select the destination to forward the caller on to after playing the recording (the "Transfer To" destination)
  5. Click "Confirm"


Editing an Announcement


  1. Click the name of the announcement you would like to edit in the list of applications on the "Apps" page
  2. Under "Announcement Details" select "modify"
  3. Edit the name, recording, or transfer to destination as you would like
  4. Click "save"

What to do if the settings do not display


Updated October 2019

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