Recordings are messages which will be played as part of an attendant menu or announcement.

Uploading Recordings


To upload a new recording: In the Admin Portal, choose the "Resources" tab and choose "Create New Resource" from the top of the page. From the list of resources, choose "Recording" and then click on the button to "Create a new Recording." You will be prompted to name the recording. The name is how the recording will be referenced, e.g. "Main Greeting," for the main greeting recording. Click on the "Choose File" button to find the file on your system. Please see below for preferred file format and some audio processing software.


File Format

Uploaded files must be a WAV file (PCM, 8,000hz, 16 bit and 2 channel) and cannot exceed 5 minutes in length. The file must not exceed 30MB.

We have had success using WavePad or Audacity to convert files to the above file type.

When you sign up for a new OnSIP account, a number of recording resources are built automatically:

Recording details

Recording Management is the name of the Recording Manager, which can be reached by dialing *94 from any OnSIP registered phone. You can also attach an internal extension or inbound phone number to the recording manager. When you call the recording manager, you will be asked for your PIN number (in this case 6113) and then the message number you want to record. The pre-recorded messages are message numbers 1 and 2. So as to not over-write those messages, start your message number at number 3 or higher.

When you use the Recording Manager to create a Recording, the resulting file will be saved with a Name of today's date and the time you recorded the message. Simply choose the recording and choose "modify" in the lower right corner to edit the recording name.

Important: Message number #1 and #2 are pre-recorded. When it prompts you for a message number, start with message #3. Press # to save your recording.

The message number is found in the recording details section of the Resources page.


Updated June 2017

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