Default Caller ID

Note: You may also manage individual user caller IDs on a user by user basis from the user detail on the user's page.


Setting the Default Caller ID

  1. Navigate to the "Account" page in the OnSIP admin portal and click "Edit default Caller ID"

    accountscreen.pngFrom the "Account" page it is possible to set the default caller ID for your organization, this caller ID will be the value applied to all newly created users. It is also possible to reset all of the existing user's caller ID settings to this default value.

  2. Once the form has loaded, you may pick the name and number to display for your account's caller ID

    Pick name and number

  3. If you would like to apply this new caller ID to all existing users as well check the box next to "Apply this caller ID to all existing users"

  4. Click "save." If successful, you will see a message similar to the following:

    Success message



Updated March 2017 - MDO - New screen shot

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