Using prerecorded files for Voice Mail greetings

From Daniel Pentecost, of the Anyion Group. He was looking for a way to take recorded greetings and use them with OnSIP voicemail. Here's what he did-

1) Install Windows Audio Router:
2) Install and configure a softphone. I used the OnSIP app. Could have used Instaphone but My Google Chrome doesn't send the called party audio to me for some reason.
3) Route the audio from your default playback device to the audio input device chosen in your softphone.
4) Manually configure the audio output of the softphone to a different output than the default Windows output device - i.e. headphones, USB headset, etc. (Or you'll create an infinite loop)
5) Dial into voicemail from the softphone.
6) Play back the pre-recorded audio file directly through the softphone into the appropriate greetings instead of using the microphone.
Thanks for the input Daniel!
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