Removing / Deleting Additional Features

You can remove features that are on your OnSIP account at any time. You are only billed additionally for features on your Plan over and above those features that are included in the Per-User pricing (none are included in Free Plan - any feature added is billable).

To delete/remove an unwanted feature:
Go to the actual tab the feature/app is located >click unwanted feature/app to expand boxes >lower right >delete.  This is not reversible.  OnSIP can not get a feature back that has been deleted.  It will have to be re-created/added and configured again.

  • Users tab - delete unwanted Users.  Be sure to go to Resources to delete their associated voice mailbox as that does not automatically delete since it's a feature that can be added independently for any application.
  • Groups tab - Groups
  • Apps tab - Business Hour Rule (BHR), Attendant Menu, OnNet Conference Suite, Parking Lot, Dial by Name Directory, ACD Queue, Announcement, Inbound Bridge
  • Resources tab - Phone Number, Voice Mailbox, Phone (MAC Address), External Phone Number, External SIP Address, Recording, Music Source, Storage Service, Recording Rule, Blocked Number

Billing for features will stop when you delete the feature(s).  Be sure to confirm that billing for the feature you deleted is stopped by navigating to >Plans box (lower left) >Configure Plan.  Confirm there are no Additional Services and and the Quantity under Description reflects the correct count.


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