What kind of bill or receipt will I have?

In order to deliver our service at the cheapest price to you, we do not send paper bills, invoices or receipts. Every time we charge your credit card, we will send you the credit card transaction receipt to the email address you provided to us when you signed up.

You can access your account's bills and invoices, however. Log into the OnSIP Admin Portal and click on the "Account" tab.

  • To view your account's monthly invoices, navigate to the Plans box and click on the "View invoices" link. There, you will find all invoices and payments made on your account, sorted by month/year. You will also find printable versions of your invoices and payments there.
  • To view the transaction history of your account's PSTN (Prepaid) balance, navigate to the PSTN (Prepaid) box and click on the "View transaction history" link. PSTN transactions are also sorted by month/year and can be printed out there, as well.
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