SIP Hosting Overview


OnSIP Hosted PBX allows you to use your actual domain name for SIP calling and XMPP presence and instant messaging. This service is useful to simplify your contact information as your email address, IM username, and SIP address can all be the same format.

SIP Hosting

Let’s say your company domain is When you sign up for an OnSIP account, your SIP addresses will default to a private sub-domain and will look something like this:

For free, you can migrate your default sub-domain name to the actual domain of your company so that your SIP addresses will look like this:

For instance, Mike’s single address for voice and email is

Hosted SIP addresses (and any OnSIP address), can be reached from other SIP networks and services for free. This requires a small change to your OnSIP account, and configuring a DNS SRV record for your domain. For instructions on How To, please visit Additional Topics below.

Example SRV Record for SIP Hosting

Here is the SIP UDP SRV record for the domain that enables SIP hosting:      300 IN  SRV     0 0 5060       
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