Porting FAQ's

What if my phone number does not appear on my current providers bill?

If your current provider does not list your phone number on the bill, you could provide any of the following as proof of ownership:

  • Screenshots or a PDF from your online account showing the customer name, customer service address, and all phone numbers to be ported.
  • An email from your current provider listing the carrier name, the customer name, customer service address, and all phone numbers to be ported.
  • Request a CSR (customer service record) from your current provider listing the the carrier name, the customer name, customer service address, and all phone numbers to be ported.


Can I port my wireless phone number?

Yes. When porting wireless numbers, the carriers require that you provide the wireless account #, your 4 digit PIN #, the last 4 digits of the account holder's SSN, or the last 4 digits of your business Tax ID #.


Will my DSL or internet service be disrupted when my phone number ports?

If you plan on keeping DSL service, you will need to make arrangements with your current provider to ensure the DSL is not disrupted. Your DSL provider may require you to transfer the DSL to a phone number that is NOT porting away.


What is a BTN?

The BTN (Billing Telephone Number) is an active phone number on your account that is referenced when porting your numbers. The BTN could be one of the numbers you're porting, or it may be the first number established on the account. If we submit the port order to the carrier with the wrong BTN, it could reject and be delayed. You can enter what you think is the BTN on the LOA form, or you may contact your current carrier and request they provide you with what they have on record as the Billing Telephone Number if you are not sure.


Does the porting process always take 2-4 weeks to complete?

No. Porting times can vary greatly depending on the donor (losing) carrier and the complexity of the port. Some smaller ports can complete in 3-5 business from the time your signed LOA is received, while larger ports involving multiple carriers can take the entire 2-4 weeks to complete. In some circumstances, you can request to expedite the port if necessary.


Can I port my toll free phone number(s)?

Yes. The process of porting a toll free number is very similar to porting a local phone number. 


Do I need to contact my previous phone service provider once my number(s) port to OnSIP?

It is recommended that you contact your previous phone service provider(s) to have your account with them updated so that you are no longer billed for the number(s) that ported away.


What are my options if OnSIP can not port in my phone number?

If you're interested in using an international phone number with OnSIP, you would need to use a third party (such as DIDWW, FlyNumber or Voxbone) and add an Inbound Bridge to your OnSIP account to link the international number to OnSIP.

Even though your existing local phone number can not be ported to OnSIP, we may be able to provide you with a toll free vanity phone number that closely matches your local phone number. Please contact us to see what toll free options are available to choose from.

You may also wish to RCF (Remote Call Forward) your non-portable local number to an OnSIP provided phone number in a nearby rate center. OnSIP phone numbers can be viewed and purchased via the admin portal.


Note: We make every attempt to work with all telephone service providers. However, certain local or regional guidelines may preclude your current provider from releasing your number.


Updated Sept 2019

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