Using a file sharing site as a recording file location

When creating a Music Source using a mp3 file, the file must be stored on a sharing service that allows unrestricted downloads. The download URL is what is needed in the URL field, not a sharing link. Files must be recorded in 2 channels. If the file uploads but there is no audio on hold, the cause is usually that it's recorded in. mono/1 channel.


Google Drive

To use Google Drive, the file must be shared with anyone with the link. Copy the link.


The link will look like this- or

The drive file id will be this-

Characters are blurred intentionally.

Copy just the file id from the link and paste it into the link below replacing DRIVE_FILE_ID

The new link will look like this-

Note-the File ID is much longer- DRIVE_FILE_ID is used as a placeholder

To test- copy/paste the new URL in a browser window. If the file downloads immediately, it's correct.




NOTE- As of Summer 2019, Dropbox Professional is required for the necessary sharing settings. No longer available with free accounts.
Using the sharing link of a dropbox file, change the 0 to 1 at the end of the URL. (?dl=1 instead of ?dl=0 at the end of the URL.




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