Enabling Enhanced Queue Call Recording

Once you have created an account with one of our supported Storage Service Providers (Amazon Web Services' Simple Storage (S3), Google Cloud, and Rackspace), follow the below instructions to enable call recording on your Enhanced Queue(s).

Enter Your Storage Service Provider (SSP) Credentials in the Resources Tab

    1. Log into the Admin Portal at

    2. Navigate to the "Resources" tab, click on the "Create New Resource" link, click on the "Storage Service" icon, and then select the "Create a new Storage Service" button.


    3. Type in a descriptive name for your provider and select the provider you’ve chosen from the "Service" dropdown menu.

      Select provider from service menu

      Depending on which provider you’ve selected, the setup fields will change:

      For Amazon Web Services (AWS):

      1. Type in or paste the bucket name of the bucket you’ve just created in the AWS storage account.

      2. Copy and paste both the Access Key and the Secret Key into their respective fields. These keys were provided when you created the account in AWS.

        Access Key and Secret Key

      For Google Cloud:

      1. Enter the Project ID in your Google Cloud account where your bucket was created.

      2. Enter the Bucket Name of the bucket where you’d like your calls to be stored. Select the JSON key file (given to you by your Google Cloud account).

      For Rackspace:

      1. Enter the Container Name, found in your Rackspace account, where your calls should be stored.

      2. Enter the API Key used to access the Rackspace API.

      3. Enter the Username of your Rackspace account.

    4. When you’ve finished entering the information, select "Confirm" - you will see a note stating that you’ve successfully created the SSP in your OnSIP account. 

Enable Call Recording on your Queue(s)

  • The last step is to enable call recording on your Enhanced Queue(s). You can do so by creating a new Enhanced Queue, or modifying an existing one.

  • To create a new Enhanced Queue, follow the instructions here.

  • To modify an existing queue, select the "Apps" tab, then select the "Name" of the Enhanced Queue that you wish to enable call recording on.

  • Select the "Modify" link in the ACD Queue Details box.

  • Check the checkbox next to "Recording".

  • Select the name of the storage provider (that you’ve just created in the "Resources" tab) from the Storage Service dropdown menu.


  • Choose a brief announcement that the caller will hear before speaking with an agent stating that "this call may be recorded", or choose "None" from the dropdown menu.


  • Select the checkbox next to "Recording Tone" if you wish for a tone to play periodically that notifies the caller that the call is being recorded.

  • When finished, select the "Save" link to save your settings.

  • For every call that your agents answer, the recording will be automatically deposited in your SSP account upon call completion.
  • To access the recordings in your SSP account, see:

Accessing Call Recordings in Amazon Web Services

Accessing Call Recordings in Google Cloud

Accessing Call Recordings in Rackspace


Created September 2015

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