Greenwave G1100 Verizon Quantum

Created September 2015

Since July 2015 Verizon is no longer handing out the MI424WR for business.  It has been replaced with the Greenwave G1100 Quantum.

The G1100 is a blacklisted router because:
"Verizon FiOS G1100 - This modem has SIP ALG enabled by default and Verizon has not provided a method to disable this feature. Verizon has also not released if it can be disabled by Verizon itself.  Best recommendation at this time is not to use this modem."

Update as of 12/10/18 from an OnSIP customer:
"...I spoke with a candid Verizon tech yesterday, who informed me that they do not have the ability to disable SIP ALG on the G1100 “Quantum” branded routers..."


Possible network change- this is the limit of support, as this is not supported by Verizon or OnSIP.

An alternate network configuration for FiOS customers with a direct Ethernet connection from the Fios ONT (network box) is possible.

For Fios Customers without TV services, use another router and plug the Ethernet connection from the ONT into the WAN port of the router. If you have Static IP service, make sure the router's WAN port is properly configured.

For FiOS customers with TV service, take the Ethernet connection from the ONT and plug into the WAN port of the router (see above). Run an ethernet cable from the WAN port of the quantum router to a LAN port on the replacement router. Note- in order to use the FiOS TV app for TV control. you'll need to have the device using the wifi from the quantum modem.


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