Setting Caller ID - International / UnSupported

Here are the steps one of our customers used that makes it so calls have a local caller ID.

Their Users are in London and its been working really well for them. They use an Inbound Bridge for inbound calls which has a destination of a Group that has only the London Users as Members of said Group.

    1. Create User with extension in OnSIP Admin Portal (click on User tab). The User has to have matching Auth Username and Username in order to work with the Asterisk PBX setup customer used.
    2. Load and configure Asterisk PBX
    3. Configure OnSIP trunk in Asterisk:
      • PEER Details
      • type = peer
      • host =
      • username = Username
      • from User = same as Username
      • from domain = Domain
      • secret = your Secret here
      • dtmf mode = RFC2833
      • context = from-trunk
      • insecure = invite
      • NAT = yes
      • permit = block of IP Address block found in link for Generic NAT Traversal--
      • USER Details = none
      • Register String:
    4. Configure OrbTalk (carrier used in London) trunk in Asterisk
    5. Configure DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
    6. Configure default Inbound Route to point to DISA
    7. Done

The idea is OnSIP User dials extension you created. The call is routed using SIP to the PBX. The PBX points all inbound calls to DISA. DISA prompts the User for a PIN and then allows the User to make a call from the PBX out using OrbTalk.


September 2015

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