Interop w/FreeSWITCH's NDLB-connectile-dysfunction_Hack

April 2016

Article is for Mike O to quick reference for SIP.js

From: davidnamango <>
Date: Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 4:35 PM
Subject: Re: [SIP.js] Interop with FreeSWITCH's "NDLB-connectile-dysfunction" (#90)
To: "onsip/SIP.js" <>

For anyone still experiences issues with this setting in FreeSWITCH as I was, if you set

hackWssInTransport: true

in your ua configuration then you will be able to successfully make inbound and outbound calls with wss.

This workaround does make it so you cannot make inbound calls (calls to the soft client) using regular ws however. Which is the opposite of the original issue of not being able to make inbound calls with wss. As wss is more secure anyways I see this as an okay tradeoff because you can just always enforce wss.

I've done minimal testing on this, but I will report back if I find any issues with this

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