Slack Integration with the OnSIP App

Updated October 2019

The OnSIP app can be synced to your Slack account. Once you link your accounts, you can send and receive messages seamlessly between the OnSIP app and Slack. You will also be able to view your Slack chat history with a coworker directly from his/her contact profile within the app.

For the Slack integration with OnSIP to work, your users' Slack email addresses must match their OnSIP addresses.

Enabling the Slack Integration in the OnSIP App

  1. Log into or open the desktop app.
  2. From the Profile in the upper right-hand corner, click on “General Settings.”
  3. Under “App Settings,” click the “Add to Slack” button. A loading animation should appear.
  4. You will be required to authorize your Slack account to access your OnSIP app. Then click on “Authorize” in the popup box.
  5. Your Slack account and OnSIP app will then be synced.

Each OnSIP user will have to enable the integration from his/her own OnSIP app him/herself. The OnSIP Account Administrator cannot enable the integration for all users on his/her account.

Sending Messages to Coworkers in Slack from the OnSIP App

  1. From the OnSIP app home screen, select a contact you wish to chat with from the Contacts list on the left side.
  2. Contacts that have enabled chat will receive your messages in Slack, as well as in the OnSIP app. Contacts who have not enabled chat won’t receive your messages in the OnSIP app.
  3. Once his/her user info appears, scroll down to the Message box at the bottom of the page.
  4. Type a new message in the text field, and click on the Send Message button, or press Enter to send your message. The contact will receive your message in both their Slack interface as well as their OnSIP app (if they are logged in).

  5. Any responses sent from Slack will appear in both your OnSIP app and your Slack interface (if you are logged into Slack).

Past Slack chat history (covering the last 50 messages) with a coworker will appear in this Message box as well. Simply scroll up to review past messages.

  • Clicking on the Slack icon next to the date and time of a message will open the message in Slack.
  • Clicking on the black Slack icon next to the “Send” button will open the full chat conversation with this user in Slack.

Sending Messages to Slack Channels from the OnSIP App

You also have the ability to send messages to and receive messages from Slack channels right in the OnSIP app interface.

  1. Click on the "Add" button in your Contacts sidebar.
  2. Click the channels you wish to add. You can search for a channel by typing in its name. (Note that you can only add public Slack channels to your OnSIP app and not private channels.)
  3. You will now see these channels listed in the left Contacts sidebar. They will be identified by a small Slack icon next to the name of the channel to note that they are Slack channels and not contacts.
  4. When you select a channel, you will see its message history box in the OnSIP app interface, as well as the names of all members in that channel listed at the bottom of the page.


  5. Send a message to the channel by typing it in the "Type Message Here" field and clicking on the "Send Message" button.

Selecting another channel member's name from the list below will bring you to that member's Contact page in the OnSIP app.

Message Notifications

You can enable pop-up notifications for messages received in the OnSIP app.

  1. From your Profile in the upper right-hand corner, click “General Settings.”
  2. Under "App Settings" and "Notifications", click the checkbox next to "On chat".


  3. You will now get pop-up notifications as you receive messages in the OnSIP app.
  4. To disable message notifications, simply uncheck the same checkbox.

Disabling the Slack Integration

Disabling the Slack integration is accomplished the same way as enabling it. In the "General Settings" tab, under "App Settings", click the "Disable Slack" button.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • If a message is received in the OnSIP app that is unable to be displayed properly, such as a GIPHY or custom command, the plain text version of the message will be presented. You can view the original message in Slack by clicking on the colorful Slack icon next to the date/time of the message. If the message was a file upload, a link will be provided in the OnSIP app to access it.
  • Standard emojis will appear in the OnSIP app but not custom emojis, GIPHYs, or other Slack apps.
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