Logging into the OnSIP Admin Portal

SIP Address and Password Login

Account Admin Users can log into the OnSIP Admin Portal with their SIP address and password.  This is for Account Admin's only.  Users would log into the OnSIP app by clicking HERE and following OnSIP app Knowledgebase Article.



Forgot My Password

If an Admin does not remember their password, here are the steps to take:

  • Enter your/their SIP Address (this looks like an email address but it not)
  • Click "Forgot Password"
  • Next screen re-type your/their SIP Address (again, this is not an email address)
  • The reset link is automatically generated and sent to the email address associated with the SIP address with password reset instructions.  This reset link will expire 24hrs from time sent.

If you are having trouble resetting your password, please contact OnSIP Customer Success 800-801-3381 option 2 then 1.

Oauth Sign-in

You can also log into the OnSIP app using your Google or Slack sign-in.  The Google and Slack sign-in uses the email address in the OnSIP user, then goes to either Google or Slack and looks for that address to authenticate against; they have to match to work. OnSIP has no input into the exchange until the match occurs.

To Disconnect from Google or Slack sign-in with OnSIP:

Admin Portal -> Account tab (left side of the screen) ->Login Settings (lower right) ->select “disable third party sign in”

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