OnSIP Team Pages

What Is It?

Your Team Page is a visual directory where website visitors can see if your organization members are online and available and then make a voice or video call directly from their browser to any of your online organization members.




A Team Page is automatically created on signup and is available at the URL for your OnSIP domain.  For example, if you have signed up with the domain of, then your team page is hosted at

A personal page for each individual user is also created.  This personal page is linked from the team page, but may be given out as a separate URL.  All users have a personal profile page, even if they are not featured on the team page.  The URL is derived from the user portion of their SIP address, so's URL is simply




Team and personal pages will not show up in search engine results. 



Team Page Management

Management of the team page is done via the OnSIP App.  All users can update their personal profile and manage their availability. Organization admins can also update the look and feel of the organization's team page.


Updating Your User Profile

Each user manages their profile independently via the OnSIP App.  To do so, log into the OnSIP App.  Click the vertical ellipses icon and then click Settings.




Click on the Profile tab. You will see the User Profile. 




Click the pencil icon under the user's profile picture to edit the user's title and bio. 

The Contact Information menu allows users to decide which contact details should be published on their personal page.  The user may choose to display or hide it by using the Publish Email toggle.  Social media links may be displayed by clicking the pencil icon and providing a URL for LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.  The Personal Page URL cannot be changed.

Users may also decide whether or not to accept video calls.  If this is disabled, all calls made via the team page and personal pages will be voice only.






Manage User Presence

A user will only show as available (the green icon) if they are logged into the OnSIP App. However, they may also set themselves as unavailable by triggering Do Not Disturb within the OnSIP App. To do, click the down arrow by the user's name on the home screen.





Updating the Look & Feel of the Team Page

Organization admins can update the colors, logos, company name and which users are displayed on the team page via the Organization Profile.

First, log into the OnSIP App as your administrative user.  Hover over the Menu and click on the Settings menu item.




Click on the Organization tab.




Click the pencil on the Information menu to update your company greeting and bio.  The Team Page URL cannot be changed.

Clicking the pencil on the Team Members box will produce a pop-up where you can select which users are displayed on the team page.  Use the search field to narrow down the list or scroll and click on the users you wish to add.  Clear the check mark for users you wish to remove.  When you are done editing, click the X icon.

If a user is disabled in, they will be automatically excluded from the team page, even if they were previously enabled under the Organization Profile.




To customize the accent color of the team page, click SELECT on the Accent Color menu. A color picker tool or hexidecimal values may be used to update the color.



To update the company logo, click the pencil icon on the Logo menu.  You can upload a new logo by click and drag or clicking to be prompted for the file location.  You may also delete the logo without replacing it by clicking on the Delete Current button.






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