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What Is It?

The primary way for site visitors to initiate a sayso call is by clicking a website button. This button appears as a small circle with a phone icon that floats in the bottom right of designated pages. Clicking this button will typically reveal a list of discussion topics, which is used to connect the site visitor with the most appropriate representative.




For each topic, sayso chooses an available representative for the site visitor to speak with, based on rules set by the organization. For example, if the organization offers "Pricing" as a discussion topic and marks 5 representatives as qualified to discuss pricing with visitors, sayso will see which representatives are available to speak and will assign one to the visitor.

At this point, the visitor can initiate a voice or video call with the representative. On the other end, the representative is given information about the caller before the call is initiated, including what they wish to discuss and from which site page they are calling. 

Note: In order for a representative to be considered available, they must be set as "Available" in the OnSIP app. If they are set as "Away", they will not be eligible for assignment. More information here.


Creating a sayso Website Button

In order for these buttons to know how to behave, an organization administrator must provide a few pieces of information, like who, what, when and where. For each topic visitors can call you to discuss, sayso needs to know:

  1. What is the topic called? (e.g. "Pricing", "Technical Support", "Billing")
  2. Who among your representatives is qualified to discuss this topic with visitors?
  3. When do you typically have representatives available to discuss the topic? (e.g. 9am-5pm on weekdays for "Pricing", 24/7 for "Technical Support")
  4. Where should this topic be offered for discussion? Specifically, on which pages should this topic be offered (e.g. offer "Pricing" on Home, Pricing and Signup. Offer "Billing" on the Help pages) as well as which geolocations (e.g. Global, US-Only, Multiple countries)

To get started creating Topics, log into the OnSIP app and click on the sayso tab in the app's Header. Only organization administrators have access to the this page.

If this is your first time visiting this page, there should be a process to walk you through the steps. If your organization has already created a topic, you can click "Add New" to create another, or you can duplicate an existing topic to pre-fill its settings.




After naming your new topic, you'll want to set rules for which URLs on your website should display the topic as a discussion option. For example, a general discussion topic like "Plan Details" might be appropriate for every customer-facing page, but a more specific topic like troubleshooting a certain model of hardware may only be appropriate for certain support pages.

Place checkmark in Customize Page; if you've already skipped the sayso intro, you'll have to click on one of your Topics to customize it.  These settings are based on the URL of the page. For example, if you want a topic to only be offered on two specific pages, scroll down and click on the Rules box, then click on the plus sign (+). From the dropdown, select "Exact" and paste the URL of the first page, then click the plus sign and repeat for the second page. If you want a topic to appear on all pages except those two pages, you would use go to the "Exceptions" box and use "Does Not Equal" from the dropdown instead.



what image looks like if you skipped the initial sayso demo:


Next, decide which representatives are qualified to discuss this topic with site visitors. For example, a "Pricing" topic would likely include every member of your sales staff, while a topic about troubleshooting certain hardware might only include one or two representatives who are experts on the subject.

If you can't find a representative you're looking for in the list, he or she may need to be added as a user to your account.

Note: Only 6 Topics can be displayed on one page. If a page is asked to display more than 6 Topics, some will be omitted.




We've made it possible for sayso calls to be conducted over video. Each individual representative will be able to declare whether or not they're willing to receive video calls. However, if you do not wish for any of your representatives to receive video calls, you can disable this option for the entire topic.




If your business only conducts business within certain countries, you can choose to only display this topic to traffic from those countries.




You may also choose the topic to only be displayed during certain hours on certain days. For example, if your representatives work from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, you may choose to only display the Topic button during these hours.



Holiday Schedule:  When adding you must enter a label for "Holiday", select month, select day and then click the checkmark to save.



Select your Provider to view detailed installation instructions for adding sayso to your website.


When done, click on the Finish Setup button.


Add/Edit Your sayso Website Buttons, and Update their Appearance

Once you've created a sayso topic, you will be brought back to the sayso tab in the OnSIP app's Header. There, organization administrators can edit previously created topics, add new topics, access the Configuration guide, and even customize certain aspects of your buttons' appearance, as well as the appearance of the call panel. You'll be able to preview these settings via an interactive demo.






Add the Button to Your Website

Once you've created your Topics and customized the appearance of their buttons, it's time to publish them to your website. Doing so requires information specific to your account, so an organization administrator will need to find the exact steps within the OnSIP app settings.

Installing website buttons is as simple as copying and pasting a snippet of code to your website's global header. We've included instructions for where to find this global header for some of the major Content Management Systems.

Note: sayso requires a secure connection between the site visitor and the representative. This means your Topic buttons will only display if your website has a valid SSL certificate and the URL includes "HTTPS".




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