Grandstream GXW 4004

May 2017

This devices requires manual configuration and is not found in the OnSIP Admin Portal for boot server.  It is a 4 FXS port gateway that allows analog phones or fax machines and traditional analog PBX systems to connect to a VoIP system or provider.

Step 1: Gather information for each user.

Each user has a set of credentials which will be needed to configure each phone. For each phone that you are configuring, obtain the following:

  • SIP Address (Address of Record)
  • SIP Password
  • Auth Username
  • Username
  • Proxy/Domain

You can find this information in the user detail pages under the Users tab in the Phone Configuration section in the OnSIP Admin Portal.

Phone configuration section

Step 2: Log into your Grandstream phone through a web browser

Type the web default address: into your web browser. You should see the following login screen.  The default password = admin


On Basic Settings tab, under NAT/DHCP Server section WAN side Http/Telnet access = YES:


On Basic Settings tab, under IP Address, select dynamically assigned via DHCP:


Step 3. Change Default Password

Set in Advance Settings tab, change Admin Password to a personal value. This value will change the default admin that was used to access the phone menu in Step 2 above. This is not a mandatory step but we do recommend that you change the password.

Step 4. Enter your user information from Step 1.

You will need to simply configure Profile1

  • Profile Active: Yes
  • Primary SIP Server: "Domain"
  • Outbound Proxy: ""
  • Use DNS SRV: "Yes"
  • SIP Registration: "Yes"
  • Unregister on Reboot: "No"
  • NAT Traversal / STUN: "No"


On FXS Ports tab, set the following:

  • SIP User ID: "Username"
  • Authenticate ID: "Auth Username"
  • Authenticate Password: "SIP Password"
  • Name: Whatever you would like others to see when you call them
  • Profile ID: Profile1


Step 5. Register device

Click UPDATE at the bottom of the configuration page then click to view your changes and then click the REBOOT on the phone menu screen. **Make sure you click UPDATE before clicking REBOOT to make sure your changes are implemented correctly.

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