Block/Blacklist Calls on Polycom Phones - unsupported

**This option is a local setting and is UNSUPPORTED.
Tech Support is not available for this local setting.**

If you want the phone to keep your local settings upon reboot or power cycle, ask your account administrator to log in and uncheck the company directory box on your phone via resources of the OnSIP Admin Portal. If the box is not checked, our boot server will not overwrite your local settings upon restart or reboot, and a setting such as this will remain.

For Polycom Soundpoint IP phones - On the physical phone depress...

  1. Menu button, next select "Features"
  2. Call List...from here locate the number either in Received or Missed calls. Move your cursor over the phone number, select "more", then "save". This saves the phone number in the phone's Company Directory
  3. Exit
  4. Select Directory button on your phone, next select "Contact Directory"
  5. Scroll down until the cursor is over the newly added phone number and select "Edit"
  6. Using your arrow keys, scroll down to "Auto Reject" - using your right or left arrow keys to enable/disable
  7. Save

For Polycom VVX-series phones - On the physical phone depress...

  1. House icon
  2. Select "Directory" from Home Screen
  3. Click on the name of the unwanted call
  4. Click on the pen/pencil icon on the right to edit
  5. Scroll down to Auto Reject
  6. Select "Enable", then "Save" (on left)
  7. Upper left depress the arrow to go back to Directory and select another number or exit the page.

Note:  A blacklisted call will not be disconnected.  The phone will respond with "Busy Here" as if you were on Do Not Disturb and the call will roll over to your failover option.


February 2017


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