Video Conferencing in the OnSIP App

Created December 2016

OnSIP offers the ability to host free, multi-party video conference calls right within the OnSIP app interface! OnSIP app users can easily create a video conference room and invite up to 5 other users or external contacts. OnSIP app users can join a video conference using the web app or desktop app. Non-OnSIP app users can click on the unique video conference link to join using a browser window, no downloads or plugins required.

Multi-party video conference call in the OnSIP app
Live multi-party video conference call in the OnSIP app

How to Start a Video Conference Call

  1. Log into or open the desktop app.
  2. From the dropdown Menu in the top left corner, select 'Conference.'
  3. Type in a name for your conference in the 'Enter a Conference Name' text field, and click on the green Conference button to start the video call.
    Creating a video conference call
  4. You'll know the call is set up when you see a black screen in your OnSIP app, along with your own video feed in the bottom left corner.
    Active video conference call

How to Join a Video Conference Call

Once you have created a conference call, there are 2 ways to join:

  1. Other OnSIP app users can simply go to the Conference page in their own OnSIP apps, and type in the exact name of the conference to join.
  2. For participants who are not using OnSIP, you just need to send them a unique conference link. Hover over the link icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to view the conference call link.
    The unique video conference call link in the OnSIP app
  • Send that link to participants who do not have an OnSIP app. That link will open up a browser window and allow the participant to join the call. The guest will then need to enter his/her name and select the green Conference button to call in.

Each user has the ability to:

  • Put themselves on hold
  • Mute their audio and/or video feed
  • Adjust the volume
  • Leave the call

To end a video conference call, click on the orange Leave button, and ensure all call participants 'Leave' the call, as well.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Up to 5 users can join a video conference call.
  • A call will remain active until all participants have left it.
  • Once you’ve created a video conference name, it will remain available to all registered OnSIP users on your account at any time. You can join a previously created conference by typing its exact name in the Conference page.
  • The video quality of each feed may differ depending on the internet bandwidth of each participant.
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