Call transfers in the OnSIP app

Standard Call Transfers

To initiate a call transfer in the OnSIP app, select the transfer icon (two opposite-facing arrows) in the row below your active call.


A box titled “Transfer Call” will appear below the active call. Here, you can enter the extension, phone number, or SIP address of the contact to whom you wish to transfer the call. Next, select whether to make an “Attended” or “Blind” transfer to that contact.


A blind transfer, also known as a “cold” transfer, is where the call is immediately redirected to the intended recipient. Your call session will end, and the caller will be connected to the contact you entered.

An attended transfer, also known as a “warm” or “consultative” transfer, is where the first caller is placed on hold and a second call is initiated with the contact you entered. Once the contact answers the call, you can then make an introduction or relay some information before completing the transfer and leaving the call.

In the attended transfer scenario, as soon as you click “Attended,” the first caller will be placed on hold and a second call will be initiated to the contact you entered. Once the contact answers the call, a box will appear under the call asking if you wish to complete the transfer. In this state, you can speak to either person by switching between the two calls on the left sidebar.

When you are ready to complete the transfer, click “Complete.”


If you decide to cancel the transfer, click “Cancel-” you'll find this option by hovering over the Transfer Call button, which is now replaced by an "X" symbol. This will end the second call and bring you back to the first caller. (If the first caller was previously on hold, they will now be active given that no other calls are active at the time you click “Cancel.”)

Note that an attended transfer is not the same as a three-way call, where all parties are on the same call and can talk to one another. In an attended transfer, the person making the transfer simply has the ability to talk to the intended recipient before the call is transferred. This not only gives the intended recipient a heads up but can also save time by eliminating the need for callers to repeat the same information to two people.

Drag and Drop Transfers

You can also make a blind transfer in the OnSIP app using the “drag-and-drop” method; this is only a blind transfer; attended is not available.

To perform the drag/drop transfer, click and hold on the active call panel on the left, directly above “Start New Call”:


Once you click and hold the active call, you will see a translucent image appear next to your cursor that says "drag call to transfer."

Drag and drop blind call transfer icon in the OnSIP app

You can now drag this image to any contact on your left sidebar menu. Once you release your cursor, a popup will appear asking if you want to make a blind transfer between the caller and the contact you selected. Click “Transfer” to complete the transfer or “Cancel” to stop the transfer.


Note: If you blind transfer a call to a contact with an orange "Away" icon, the caller will go straight to that user's failover. This is often a voicemail box.


updated October 2019

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