Yealink Multicast Paging

OnSIP enables Multicast Paging automatically for every phone that supports it. A 'page' is a one-way announcement that can relay information to large groups of people quickly. Unlike an intercom or a phone call, Multicast Paging does not allow the listener to respond to the message.

When you use the OnSIP boot server for Polycom phones, there is a paging button easily accessible via your phone’s home screen. The button is ready to use as soon as the phone comes online. However, the Yealink phones that support Multicast Paging require a few additional steps after the phone has registered with our boot server.

Note: This article is intended to assist users in getting Multicast Paging up and running quickly. For an explanation of settings that are not discussed here, please see the User or Admin Guide for a specific phone.


Configure a multicast paging key (This is to SEND the page) via the phone's web interface: 

  1. Enable 'Web Interface' in the OnSIP Admin Portal under the Resources tab (locate MAC, enable web interface, save and then restart the phone to pick up change).
  2. After entering your phone's IP address, Username = admin, Password = phone password (collected from Resources tab in OnSIP Admin Portal) -> Click on the DSSKey.
  3. In the desired Line select "Multicast Paging" from the Type dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the following multicast IP address and port number in the "Value" field = (Yealinks on the boot server will use this universal IP and port, not what is listed in the Yealink User Guide).
  5. Click "Confirm" to accept the changes. 
  6. There will not be a 'button' on your phone, you will simply have to know that whichever Line you just configured is the one you press (ie Line 2, press button 2 on your phone to send the page).

T22P image


T29G image


Codec for Multicast Paging: 

  1. Click on the Features tab.
  2. Click General Information in the left of your screen.
  3. Scroll down to find Multicast Paging.
  4. Select the following Codec: G722 from the dropdown.
  5. Click "Confirm" to accept the changes.

T22P image


T29G image


Receive the Multicast Page

In order to receive the multicast page, the following must be done.

  1. Click on the Directory tab.
  2. Click MulticastIP in the left of your screen.
  3. Make certain Paging Barge is '10' and Paging Priority Active is Enabled.
  4. Enter the 'Listening Address' and port number as done above ->
  5. Enter the label in the Label field.  In the example, we simply called it "Page All".
  6. Click "Confirm" to accept the changes. 

 T22P imageYealink_Multicast_ReceivingInfo_Mar.png

T29G image




Paging for the Yealink T50-series requires a bit of manual intervention, as OnSIP does not have a way to place where the Paging key will appear.

OnSIP already populates some of the information you’ll need.  To make all phones across the provisioning service compatible with each other, we set the multicast paging to  

All phones are given one paging group named “All.”  To alter or create more, please refer to the admin manual of your device.


For the Yealink T50-series of phones, you will need to choose where to put the paging button on your device.  We recommend selecting an unused line key on your phone’s face.  Go to DSSkey-> Line Keys then select whichever slot you want.  For this example, we have used Line 3.

image2_Yealink_T50x.pngNow on the lines of your Yealink, you will see a new button labeled with “All”  If you press this button you will page all of the phones in this group.


Updated: December 2020

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