Linksys Dial Plan / Digit Map - Prepend Area Code

***This article is for informational purposes only. This is not a standard feature of the OnSIP Hosted PBX. This is the scope of our support.***

You are welcome to use the following information to enhance your OnSIP Experience, but technical support is not available from OnSIP for this feature. For assistance beyond the below document, you will need to contact the hardware manufacturer/reseller directly.

Boot Server Configuration - follow these directions:

As part of adding your Linksys / Cisco phone to the boot server, the field called "Custom Digit Map" is where the following digit map/dial plan would be added.

Manual Configuration of a Linksys / Cisco phone follow these directions:

Select the "EXT 1" tab at the top of the page.

Under the "Dial Plan" heading:

Edit the "Dial Plan" copy and paste the edited text below. Edit the area code from either 414 (top example) or 252 (bottom example)



Appending 1 and Area Code and Appending Just 1:


Click "Submit All Changes" Button and wait for Linksys/Sipura device to reboot. Now you can dial either 10 digits (and the phone will append a '1') or 7 digits (and the phone will append 1+area code) and the phone will still send OnSIP the requisite 11 digits.

Thanks Brian!


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