Polycom Productivity Suite

Update: Any phone which utilizes Polycom UCS Version 4.0 or later now has a some of the features of the Productivity Suite enabled immediately without the need for a license.

From Polycom Software Release notes:"Productivity features such as LDAP, Local Call Recording, and Visual Conference Management are enabled without the requirement of a license file. Note that VQMon will remain a licensable feature."

As such any phone on that firmware can utilize these immediately without the need for additional action.

Polycom offers some additional functionality on their phones via the Polycom Productivity Suite, which is a software package available for an extra fee from any Polycom reseller. Please note that to install the Productivity Suite license, the phone must be using a boot server.

The Productivity Suite has four features:

Local Call Recording - only supported on the 650 and 670 model phones, which have a USB port for attaching a supported USB storage device. The phone call is recorded in .wav format and can be transferred to a computer to be reviewed later.

Visual Conference Management - additional conference controls for four way conferences. Can add, drop, split, mute and put individual callers on and off hold.

Corporate Directory Access - creates a corporate directory leveraging your existing LDAP directory, but is unsupported on the OnSIP Hosted PBX Polycom boot server.

Voice Quality Monitoring - allows monitoring statistics to be sent to a monitoring server, but is unsupported on the OnSIP Hosted PBX Polycom boot server. Licenses can be purchased from any Polycom reseller, but we recommend our friends at VoIP Supply.

We're unable to support Voice Quality Monitoring or the Corporate Directory because they require configuration specific to your environment (and also require that you run a monitoring server and a LDAP directory of your own). However, customers who wish to leverage Local Call Recording or Visual Conference Management need only contact our support department with their licenses to set these two features up.


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