Polycom Time and Date

Time and Date should be set through the Polycom Boot Server. This article is for historical reference only.

The date and time on the phone can be set by synchronizing it with an NTP server (Network Time Protocol server). This can be done by logging into your Polycom phone through a web browser. Log into the IP address of the phone: for example.

  1. Choose the "General" tab
  2. Default username: Polycom
  3. Default password: 456
  • Choose "Time"
  • SNTP Server:
  • GMT Offset: -5 for EST
    • -6 for CST
    • -7 for MST
    • -8 for PST
  • SNTP Resync Period: 86400

Choose "Submit" to submit your settings and reboot the phone.

There is one potential issue with Polycom phones and the time settings: The DHCP server will ALWAYS over-ride the time settings from the WWW interface. Therefore, if the time is not correctly set on your DHCP server (the server/router - where the Polycom phone obtains it's internal IP address) then the time will be incorrect on the phone itself.

If the above settings do not correct reset the time settings for the phone, then the phone is obtaining it's time settings from the DHCP server. You must then, check the DHCP server for the correct time.


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