Netopia Configuration

Note: Netopia DSL Modem - Netopia Caymen 3000 - appears to have serious call quality issues. We recommend using a different DSL router.

Other Netopia Routers:

Netopia has SIP Passthrough "on" by default. (Or SIP ALG in newer models) In order to work with Junction Networks, you must turn SIP Passthrough (SIP ALG) off.

The setting is not in the web gui. You have to telnet into the
router, then type. Each line is a new command.

set ip sip-passthrough off

On the Netopia 4622xlt
Telnet into the device
Use the arrow keys to highlight 'quick menu' and press "ctrl-n"
That brings you to the console.

ip nat alg sip enable no


NOTE: The information provided above is from another OnSIP customer offering these settings for other customers with a similar device. OnSIP does not sell nor monitor equipment and/or it’s firmware updates/etc. The settings of routers can change and are out of the control of OnSIP. For best results, reach out to the manufacturer directly.


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